Hot springs and baths

We have a variety of baths along with Toyosawa River flowing nearby,
and you can choose which baths to take according to your feelings on that day.
As you listen to a sweet lullaby from the river,
you can enjoy our own open-air bath or a large-scale spa.
If you wish to have more private hot spring experience,
we also have four baths that you can reserve for yourselves,
and each of them have a different elegance.
They will make you feel like you are staying in your own leisure home.
Why don't you find your own luxurious hot spring experience here?

Various baths

The largest bath area in Iwate Prefecture: please relax and enjoy our variety of baths and hot springs!

We have two spring sources here in Hotel Shidotaira; one is the simple spring that is called “a spring for families" and the other is the chloride spring that works on the sensitivity to the cold.

We have a variety of baths with different elegance and taste, such as a large-scale public bath that is 25-meter-long, a bath with a wooden tub made with Japanese cypress, open-air baths, and private baths that you can reverse just for yourselves.

The simple spring is very soft and less stimulant for your skin. Since it's gentle for children and elders, it's known as “a spring for families."

The chloride spring contains a lot of salt, and it keeps your body warm for a long time and works on wounds since it kills germs.

And they both work on the sensitivity to the cold.

Hot spring infprmation

Tenga-no-yu hot spring

Stream open-air bath


Private bath


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