The meals we provide in Hotel Shidotaira are the orchestra of smell,
flavor, sound, taste, and smile.
We simply go back to the starting point of true tastiness,
and our chefs cook the food ingredients in season with their passion and love.
You can enjoy the harmony of flavors with all your senses.

We are the people behind the happy scenes of the guests.

Our service style at Hotel Shidotaira is quite calm and quiet; we support the meals from behind the scenes so that the guests, the main characters, to fully enjoy this happy time.

It's said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and the eyes of our guests show their hearts and thoughts. We always care about what we see in the eyes of our guests, and make them satisfied with our hospitality.

Tanto Tanto

Very first in Tohoku area- the space dedicated only to the all-you-can-eat restaurant where we serve “freshness"

The steak is tasty while it's hot; sashimi is delicious while it's fresh. We wanted to realize this “normal thing" in an all-you-can-eat style--- that's how this place was born.

In Tanto Tanto, we have some cooking booths, and our chefs cook the dishes right in front of you, and just for you for that moment. Please enjoy the delicious dishes cooked with the food ingredients in season.

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Tanto Tanto

Tanto Tanto


In Tanto Tanto, our all-you-can-eat-style restaurant, you can make yourself at home and enjoy happy meals with your family. We cook our foods right in front of you, and it's just like a live concert that we all can enjoy together with the guests and the staff members. It's a new approach of the all-you-can-eat-style. Please enjoy your meals with your family and friends.

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Plitheon the Japanese restaurant

Plitheon the Japanese restaurant

You enjoy the meals with your eyes and your mouth. That's the set of dishes served on individual trays we have in this restaurant. Our chefs beautifully cook the food ingredients in season in four different seasons and make them into the art. Please enjoy the blessing of the nature in Iwate thoroughly.

Plitheon the Japanese restaurant


We have our own bakery in the hotel and we freshly bake our bread here! We have a variety of both Japanese and western foods, and we serve them in the all-you-can-eat style. We have “Hanamaki Breakfast Project" that we provide a side dish cooked with the vegetables produced in Iwate, which should go well with Hitomebore, a kind of rice also produced in Iwate!

Opening hours: 6:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

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